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B*tch Lotions - 8oz

B*tch Lotions - 8oz

Our Bitch lotions are made with a butter lotion base, which contains moisture rich ingredients like shea, cocoa seed, and aloe. Each lotion comes in an 8oz pump bottle.


The lotion label for each scent contains its own unique, sassy message:


*Basic Bitch (vanilla) - smells like leggins, top 40 music, and pumpkin spice lattees

*Thicc Bitch (oatmeal cookie) - smells like she's a snack

*Cheugy Bitch (volcano) - smells like skinny jeans, rose gold, and side parts

*Kween Bitch (vanilla & patchouli) - smells like regality

*Boujee Bitch (santal) - smells like privilege

*Salty Bitch (sea breeze) - smells like bitterness and sass

*Thirsty Bitch (champagne toast) - smells like desperation

*Granola Bitch (sandalwood & rose) - smells like mountain hikes in Birkenstocks

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