About Us

Who We Are

We are the Tri-Cities' first perfume studio, creating custom fragrances to help our customers to express their uniqueness while indulging in a bit of luxury. We offer our own crowd-pleasing signature line as well as the option for our customers to work directly with a perfumist to design their very own custom fragrances. 

Our services are great for individuals and groups alike - either way, we will make it a party!

Meet Shannon

Owner, Perfumist, Creator

Shannon Franklin has had the desire to be a entrepreneur since she was a child. She's found herself motivated to discover ways to meet the needs of her community and has a backlog of about a bazillion different ideas for her next business plan. Her obsession with craft fairs and bazaars inspired her to develop her skills as a maker in a variety of trades. One of those skills is her ability to use her bloodhound-like sniffer to discern a variety of aromas. This innate talent has allowed her to explore the art of fragrance blending, and she is excited to share this art with you!

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