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Perfume Blending

Explore hundreds of fragrances and work with our perfumer to blend your own unique signature fragrance. You will get to take home your very own 60ml fragrance bottle.

How It Works:

1. Discuss your favorite scents and the previous perfumes you have worn to create a theme for your fragrance.

2. Our perfumer will select several different fragrance oils, aroma chemicals, and essential oils one at a time on paper blotter strips for you to sample and select the scents that you enjoy the most.

3. Smell different combinations of your favorite blotter strips together see how you enjoy them together and select the perfect combination.

4. We will use a beaker to add drops of your selected perfume oils and will adjust the ratios of them until you have found the perfect combination.

5. Your perfumer will bottle your final fragrance into your own 60ml bottle for you to take home!

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