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Perfumes by Atomic Alchemy

Perfumes by Atomic Alchemy

Try one of Atomic Alchemy's signature line perfumes! 

Atomizer Spray - 60ml

Roll-on - 10ml



Sweet, Floral, Rich.

The sweet aroma from a posy of honeysuckle envelopes this fragrance. Cassis bring luscious fruity notes, while passion flower impresses its sensuality.  



Bright, Soft, Floral.

This fragrance harmoniously blends ripe tangerine with bright floral notes from Lily of the Valley, and is grounded by sweet vanilla musk.



Sweet, bold, romantic.

In this fragrance, the lactonic sweetness of coconut and jammy black currant introduces a bouquet of roses, balanced by the warmth of honey and tonka beans. 



Sparkling, Powdery, Floral

A crisp opening of champagne preludes the clean and slightly spicy heart notes from lavender and white ginger. The white amber provides structure, while notes of tuberose are softened by sweet powder.



Woodsy, Deep, Masculine

The warm woodsy presence of cedarwood blankets this fragrance, while the musky and leathery notes of oakmoss bring depth and complexity. 


Fresh, Green, Masculine

The green notes of fig draw a fresh aroma, along with the intrigue of dry salt. Vetiver and rosewood bring a harmonious balance of earthiness and masculinity. 

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